With two small children at home and little extra money, I consulted Allie about reorganizing our main living space. She helped provide a focus for the room using furniture and accessories I already owned. The only item I purchased was a wall mirror that added depth and style. Our "new" space has a sense of comfort and order that had been lacking. Thanks, Allie!
Nicole P.
5 Star Review 

My house is surface neat, but please don’t open my closets and drawers! Allie was patient and understanding as we worked through each project. It’s easy to find things now – everything has a ‘home’ as Allie says.
Danette W.
5 Star Review 

I am very thankful that Allie was able to help me with quite a few of my projects in my home. Needless to say, my kitchen cabinets and pantry were in rough shape before she helped me. I had years upon years of things and food tucked away. She was extremely helpful and efficient through the process from the assessment to the finished project. I am thrilled with how simple it is to stay organized even months later!
Andrew S.
5 Star Review 

I wasn’t sure if the benefit would outweigh the cost, but it was absolutely worth it. The experience was quick and accomplished exactly what we wanted!
Colleen T.
5 Star Review 

My sister’s health unexpectedly deteriorated and it became necessary for her to move to a senior care facility. Her personal possessions needed to be disposed of quickly and her home sold. Allie came highly recommended for these tasks due to her organizational and natural decorating talents. Allie is a whirlwind of efficiency. She was able to economize by using a few existing furniture and accessory pieces to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. My sister’s home sold in just days of being listed for sale. Allie lived up to her excellent reputation.
Carole P.
5 Star Review